The Mayan Calendar: End Of Time

Do you experience the real value of delegation? I know it can seem painful to “let go.” But with the right systems, you never let go – you delegate. The scope, time and budget of your business are still in your control; you are just letting other people do the work.

New Year’s resolutions serve a useful purpose: they help us to reflect on our lives and make commitments to create positive changes. But they can also be overwhelming for busy moms who barely have any time to handle the everyday tasks of life.

Another thing you will want to do is print out more than enough of these weekly Calendar s or planners. You then write in the days to suit you. For example if next week starts on the 20th, then from the 20th to the 26th is your week. You personalize the calendar/planner to fit your week, and your needs. Maybe even make a few copies of your blueprint, I mean, تقويم زينه. That way you can keep one with you at all times, and another one lives on your desk or next to your computer. Or wherever you do business.

By having your holiday activities, chores and items all scheduled out down to the minute detail you will be assured that not only will your holiday season run smoothly, not only will you NOT forget to do something this year, but you will also find that you sail through the holiday season without all the usual stress and headache. You will have a better holiday attitude in general.

On this Monday morning my girl rebelled against the concept of going to daycare. Monday mornings are always the toughest as both she and I make the move from spending a full weekend together. In the middle of her whining, she bursted out, But father, i want to spend a little time with you! She appealed to me, with her soulful brown eyes, and my heart liquified.

Examine your application and essay in detail, and then have a friend or parent take a very close look at it. Keep an eye out for any errors that could lead to disqualification.

Like most women, over the years I’ve earned the smart remarks, mainly from unsympathetic fellows, about ‘the time of month’. But because of my emotional calendars I discovered that it wasn’t just my ‘cycle’ that made me edgy. There are some days of the month, for whatever reason, hormonal or not, I am just not my best. With the help of this tool, I can plan my life better. My feelings don’t master me. I am so glad to have discovered this great tool.

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