Fun And Free Activities For Kids This Christmas

As a relief/substitute teacher, you can be asked to organise some physical activities for the class allocated to you. Here is how I organise my own activities/games.

Needless to say, a weekend means more time spent with one’s closest girlfriends. In addition, a weekend means more time to enjoy all sorts of hen party Team bonding activities Singapore.

It is amazing to me that families are doing less Team building activities that include the children. The parents seem to be just as socially active, but baby sitters are being hired more and more to take care of children while the parents pursue their desire to “get away”. Are we to believe that they mean by this that they want to “get away” from their children? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding YES!. How sad. And we wonder why families grow further apart as the children age.

Children seem to spend more energy when they are outdoors. We usually attribute them being worn out to “all the fresh air”. Regardless of what the cause actually is, you can see it even in babies; they tend to sleep better after a walk around the block or some time play time sitting under a tree.

There are many great free summer activities that are planned for kids. You can keep your children entertained and out of trouble without breaking the bank. If you check with your local library they may have many fun free kids summer activities planned. Many of these activities include snacks and drinks for the kids. Some libraries even have summer clubs that include things such as Lego’s and kinetics. Libraries will also host ice cream socials and book readings during the summer. All of these activities make your local library a great place to check out. If you have a community pool or a Y in your area they run great summer activities as well. A lot of times they will host free activities for children.

Clearly convey – Don’t keep the participants in dark about the event. Clearly conveying the WIIFM (What’s in it for me), ensures better attendance and commitment towards the event. They are adults, don’t keep them guessing. More often than not surprises fall short of the expectations.

TOSS A NAME: This will help your team remember names. With a ball one team member will toss it saying after getting it and say “thanks…” and “here…” This requires the person with the ball to say and remember at least two names. This can go on until everyone knows the name of everyone.

These ideas will help you keep your service business focused on the most productive activities. Stay focused on attracting more clients, and increasing your revenue and profit. Don’t get distracted by off-track activities.

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