Decorative Candle Making Made Easier In 5 Steps

There are so many different types of candle making procedures that it is hard to choose which one that you want to try. For this reason we are going to go over the basic procedure for each form of wax. We are going to start with teaching you how to make a candle out of crayons.

First step under candle making instructions is to select the wax. There are different kinds of wax available. However, if you are a beginner, it is better to use pre-blended paraffin wax which can be used for any purpose. This should be available in any candle supply shop. The next step in candle making instructions is to select a wick. There are again many types of wicks. However, select one depending upon the diameter of the candle that you are going to make.

Step # 6. When the wax is all melted here comes the hard part. Pour the gel wax in to the candle mold. Make sure that you take your time and that you do not burn yourself as the wax is very hot. When this is done then simply put the mold to the side in order to let it sit and cool off. Leave it alone and in a place where it will not be disturbed for about 24 hours. When the 24 hours have passed then take the mold and and trim the wick to about a quarter of an inch. You are done!

Beeswax is another popular Candle making team building wax. It is usually white or yellow and already has its own natural sweet smelling scent. It is more expensive then other candle waxes.

If you prefer candles that smell “pretty” then you may want to add some oil scent or fragrance. Once the wax is melted, you can pour in the chosen fragrance and stir it into the wax. You will need measure all of your scents by weight.

Now clear a surface to work with, make sure it is flat and level and not going to be easily disturbed. Cover the area in newspapers to protect it and make clean up easier. Now when the area is prepared take the carving knife and cut chunks of the wax in to the top pot of the double boiler. Place the top pot on the stove and boil the water. Stir the wax often and check the temperature as it should melt at around 160 degrees.

So now that you are looking for a candle making book online, or an eBook I should say, what are you looking for? Well there can be a lot of low quality ebooks available, this is the downside to ebooks, it seems that anyone can make an eBook and sell it on the internet. For the reason I just mentioned you should always look in to the book a little bit before you buy it. Does it have a refund policy? Does it have a guarantee? Is there a place where you can contact the author or supplier for questions and comments? If the eBook that you are looking into has all of this then you are off to a good start.

Ready made molds also have great flexibility for more formal candles and come in many types of materials. When selecting the right one for your project, be sure to compare price with longevity of the mold to get the best value. You will run across molds made of latex, plastic, metal, rubber and glass. Each one has a feature best for job depending on you budget and the type of candle you are creating. The most important thing to remember is that the cleaning and storing of your molds is the biggest factor in making them last a long time. Take good care of them and watch the variety of choices in your collection grow.

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