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I am a diamond wholesaler. I supply retail stores across the country with diamonds for their stock and special customers. What I have noticed most is that there is a lack of education regarding diamonds when the consumer is looking to purchase. The blog category will focus on education and diamond knowledge. We will start with the 4 c’s.

The most serious effect of the open culet, if it is a large culet, is when the diamond is a Cushion cut 求婚戒指 with a large culet. Because of the flat appearance of the diamond, the large culet has the most significant effect of any other shape of diamond.

Sometimes a diamond dealer who needs the cash will liquidate a parcel of diamonds at or below his cost. However if you find a cheap 2 carat diamond, you would be wise to do some thorough investigating before you buy it. For example, we know of one source on the internet who has a supply of about 20 rings that are 2.5 carat diamond price selling for $3575.

This option won’t actually affect the diamond itself. It only changes the setting and the way that the light reflects inside the diamond. By using bigger settings, you can have more control over how the light inside the diamond exits. This can not only make the diamond look larger, but can add specific hues to the diamond. For example, by using a gold setting, a diamond can have a yellow tinge, or by using a silver setting the diamond can have a grey tinge. This is by far the cheapest option if you would like to make your diamond look like a different, or deeper colour than what it really is.

First, walk in like a professional diamond buyer with an air of confidence. Next, start asking intelligent questions about cut, clarity, color and weight. The sales person will automatically assume you know more about diamond buying than the majority of the people that walk in the door and will be less likely to try and pull the wool over your eyes.

For those who are more concerned just the look of the diamond than anything else, shopping for diamond earrings for women becomes a whole lot easier. Basically, if you find something that you like and it is within your price range, then you might as well go for it. Of course, it would not hurt to see if you can’t find those same earrings at another jewelry retailer for a price that is a little smaller. With the money you save, you could then cover the shipping costs or buy something extra for yourself or the woman that you are shopping for. Who knows, it could be enough for a small chain or maybe just a bottle of perfume. Either way, money saved is always a good thing.

Go to your local jeweler. Take your time and have a clear budget for your diamond. Look at the diamonds and buy it because it looks great not because it has great grades. Too many people today buy diamonds online without ever seeing it because it graded well. Understand your 4 C’s and the 5th C which is most important is Choose.

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