Which Dog Beds Are Best For Your Dog?

Whatever Otis wants, Otis gets. That’s my 17-lb brown-brindle pug-mix. But don’t get my dog wrong – Otis is the sweetest, cuddliest dog around the house. And obedient, too. But he picks the commands that he would obey, decides when and what to eat, even what games to play where and how. For almost three years now since my husband and I adopted him, we’ve learned to play – and live our lives — by his dog rules. From an outdoor/backyard dog that we had envisioned for him, he won his way to the garage, then gradually to the family room, then to the study. And straight to our hearts. Today on many evenings, like parents adoring our baby, we watch and listen to him snore on our bed. Yes, Otis got me and my husband trained very well.

The moment I feared most had arrived, but its presence meant I no longer had to fear the future. Amazingly, I felt a surge of energy, of courage. Was that coming from you?

If your friend has an uptown chic doggy that likes to be pampered and enjoys the finer things in life, any designer apparel, jewelry, designer tote bag, designer Hundeseng, a day at the spa will all likely get a big thumbs up from the owner and a wag of the tail from the pet dog.

Furthermore, you should ensure that your dog’s health is intact. Take him to the vet for regular check ups and for vaccination. Most of all, give him enough time to exercise. Play with your pets once in a while. Take him out for a walk or jog together. And if you’re wondering where to buy the best dog care products simply log on and search the internet for numerous search engine results.

Whether you’re picking your puppy up from a shelter, pet store or breeder, it’s usually a good idea to bring your puppy home in a crate in your vehicle. A crate provides some protection for your puppy in case of an accident. They also prevent your puppy from wandering all over the vehicle or interfering with you while you drive, which could cause an accident. A crate usually makes a puppy feel more secure, too. It can also be used later as a place for your puppy to rest and sleep in your home.

Console dog car seats are small, enclosed platforms for your pet to sit securely in during car rides. They attach via straps to the center console between the driver and passenger seats. They are designed for small dogs no heavier than 8 pounds and come with a second set of straps to secure pet firmly and comfortably in place.

That night was very quiet and surreal. Both of us seemed catatonic. More shock than tears. I was growing concerned about Boomer. Then, at 10:00 p.m., I noticed something that made me begin to cry again. He had crawled into your bed, curled up and gone to sleep. He stayed there all night, even refusing to come to bed with me when I offered. I hadn’t realized it then, but Boomer had conducted his own ceremony in his own way. Good job, Boomer, I thought. I took my last sleeping pill, which had been saved for this night. It did the job and I crashed into a dreamless, empty void.

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