Stretching During Your Flight

Even before the Wright brothers famous flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903, people have dreamed of flying. Leonardo da Vinci was imagining ways man could fly way back in 1485. Even the ancient Greek engineer known as the Hero of Alexandria experimented with air pressure in efforts to propel man skyward. The dreams of these ancients are now a reality.

After all the goodbyes I was told that I could restore power to the aircraft. The official party came aboard and we started the engines. Ray taxied the aircraft to the south of the field for a departure to the north. Once the aircraft was clean with the gear up and the flaps retracted he banked sharply to the right and took up a southerly heading for the Sudanese border. Entering Sudanese airspace we turned approximately 60 degrees to the left and headed for Khartoum which was our next destination.

SIDE NOTE: Notice how survival tools haven’t come up yet? Nowhere in aviate, navigate, or communicate (in a flight) will you need a first aid kit, survival knife, floatation device, CV Radio etc…

However, some flexibility is good too. For instance, some flight training maneuvers require you to be at an altitude of 3,000ft or above, while others require only about 1,500ft. If the clouds are at 2,500ft, but you were scheduled to practice maneuvers that require you to fly at 3,000ft, there’s no reason to cancel the Google Flights. Instead, switch to a lesson that requires only the 1,500ft altitude, and you can still make the most out of a lesson.

Avoid holiday rush. The most expensive Airfare tickets are during holiday season. Book at least 2-3 weeks earlier to get the cheapest Airfare rates. Consider to return one week after the holiday. People usually travel a day before the holiday and return on a Sunday. If you travel along with these people you will spend more. It is best to be flexible with travel dates for you to get the cheapest airfare rates.

A computer game is meant to be enjoyed, and one of the games that is growing in popularity on day to day basis is the flight simulator games. Let us face the fact; there are many people who will never be able to get an opportunity to sit on the cockpit of a plan, right? You may be one of such people and yet you still want to experience the feel of being in a cockpit. Not all is lost; the flight simulator will give you a near experience of an airbus or helicopter.

If your still playing an older version of ms flight sim, you need a new flight sim. You will not believe how much better they can be. Just the features alone will shock you. So, don’t delay any longer go find a new flight sim right now. Better yet get flight sim pro.

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