Sacred Silent Drum Meditation With Keith At Blue Sky Yoga

Modern life is stressful – extra hours at the office, added studies, juggling a career and kids. Before you get to the point of exhaustion it’s essential that you recharge. Here are our top 10 tips for just letting go.

Numbers that have repetitive digits have extra significance for many students and followers of numerology. Combined, these repetitive digits amplify the message for the singular digit. For example, the number 4 in angel numerology means one’s angels are with him or her. If one sees 44, 444, or 4,444, it means that the angels are really prominent. It’s easy to catch on with this system because there is a tendency to look up the numbers or number sequences as they appear in one’s life.

Laura Izibor-Martin Luther King. You know just to feel meditation classes obviously I can’t imagine as strong as he appeared there must have been times that he was afraid of the responsibility. But the thrill of fighting for what you believe. Being the face of hope for all these people, for the world. That just must be phenomenal. I can’t imagine.

When you observe yourself, you realize that you are not your thoughts, emotions, or life circumstances. You are the observer, consciousness itself. At first, this might seem difficult, but later, it will become part of your nature.

Over the past few years, I’ve tried eidetics, EFT (or tapping), visualizations, affirmations, meditation baltimore, and lots of other kinds of energy work. I’m a super-logical, analytic kind of thinker, and I wish I could tell you exactly why some of the unusual forms of energy work are so successful. All I can say is that these practices reach the innermost parts of me and go way deeper than my analytic brain. No matter how it works, I have several years of personal evidence that it really makes a huge difference for me.

Our reality comes directly from our thoughts and intentions and we use real energy to bring those things into our reality. Whether we are dwelling on negative or positive thoughts, that is what we cause to happen in our everyday world.

Take Time Every Day: Just a few moments of relaxation spread throughout the day can energize and motivate you. It’s a proven fact that frequent breaks improve productivity rather than destroy it, and many times you can fit these rituals in when you can’t do anything else. For example, breathing deeply while washing your hands or when sitting at a red light doesn’t interrupt or take time away from anything else you feel you “have to do.” It refocuses your attention inwards and gives you the opportunity to consciously relax tense muscles, exhale your stress, and go on about your day with new energy.

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