Public Speaking – Why Audience Contact Is Essential

Picture this: you were about to deliver a speech when you realized you suddenly lost your voice. Worse, you were having terrible stomach pains, and it felt like hundreds of ants were crawling underneath you skin. No, you were not sick. You were just suffering from stress and anxiety.

Practice, practice, practice : Having a solid outline for the speech is absolutely necessary, but the next critical step is rehearsal. It helps in anticipating and avoiding troubles before they happen. We can also join Toastmasters, volunteer to speak at local events and practice at work. The more we speak, the better we will be.

Make all movements purposeful : Moving just to move or out of nervousness is annoying for the audience. There is no need to move all the time. Try standing planted from time to time.

When you do any presentation (even if it’s a dry run in front of friends or family) ask for constructive feedback. Don’t be precious and consciously work on your weaknesses.

Eliminate the internal chatter. No excuses. Adopt a no-tolerance policy with yourself. If you are serious about learning effective presentation skill and public speaking, this is absolutely essential.

Brainstorming is effective for boosting a lot of skills. But effective use of brainstorming is the most important. Before going to the dais think again and again about the topics or issues that could be covered in the speech. Write it down in a small piece of paper and take it with you to the dais. Try to say two or three sentences about the topics written in your paper. Do not try to brainstorm while you are at dais. The people who are efficient enough can brainstorm even while they deliver their speech. But it is not effective specially for those who are new. Mostly it happens that, the new public speakers try to brainstorm at the dais, found their brain blank and get nervous.

Most public speaking is in the form of some sort of presentation that needs to be related to an audience of people. It starts with an introduction, the discussion, and then a conclusion. It can even be timed.

The biggest mistake most people make when setting out to get public speaking training is incorrectly assuming that joining public speaking clubs and associations or taking a night class will give then the skills to get the results they want. You need to be 100% clear about what results you’re hoping to get via public speaking. With that clarity, then you’ll need to look for professional public speaking trainings that can help you to reach those specific goals. Ask lots of questions so you can evaluate which public speaking training will actually be able to deliver the skills and abilities so you can reach your goals.

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