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So your company has a video project that they’d like to see produced. Maybe it’s web video content, possibly it’s an internal video for sales training, or you want to capture an upcoming corporate event.

First off, there is the pre-production, which has to do with the overall planning of the video. This process begins before any video is actually shot. Essentially, this has to do with the creation of things like storyboards and the like. Also, it relates to the decision of the amount of funds that is available for such a thing. Understanding how much you have to spend could make a big effect on the final look of the video and how nicely things are to run.

Lighting. Effective lighting gives your production texture and depth. It is neither too light nor too dark. A competent videographer knows that shadows are as important as light. It sometimes surprises clients how many artificial light sources it takes to make a shot look natural. In a visual medium, expert lighting is key.

Take a look at your competitors. If they are using videos see if you can find out who made them. Some Producción de video companies specialize in specific types of customers or industry sectors.

Gone are the days of stuffy corporate video productions from back in the 70’s. Just as there is a constant evolution of creative technologies combined with the Internet being ever present in our daily lives, corporate videos have evolved into very different creative beasts.

Once you’ve completed this initial research it is time to get dirty and start making amateur projects. Get some friends together to help you. Work on lighting and camera angles and focus on how you are producing the video and not the end product. If possible, obtain some nice equipment to give you an accurate feel for the experience.

Location. Where will your program be shot? In a studio? Your corporate offices? At a customer location? Wherever it happens, it must look like some thought has gone into the visual design. Interviewing a customer in front of a cinder block wall is not likely to create viewer interest, unless perhaps the customer sells cinder block.

These are a very simple fundamentals that will definitely help you in your project. Good luck in your project and look out for more helpful articles from me on low cost video production soon.

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