Easy Container Gardening – Mulching For Free

There are several ways to get free mulch. One way to get free mulch or at least get a good discount is to check with a local dump or landfill station. Every year homeowners and landscapers drop of 100s of thousands of yard debris and a lot of it can be turned into excellent mulch.

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For quick composting, layer your compost pile in this order: Bottom layer = grass clippings, leaves and shredded wood; Middle layer = fertilizer or manure as a nitrogen source; and, Top layer = soil. Remember to water thoroughly each layer but do not make the layers soggy. Continue with this layering order until your compost bin is filled.

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What kind of entertaining do you think that you will be doing? Do you plan on having a lot of back yard barbecues? Will you spend every afternoon lazing on your deck sun tanning and swimming in your pool? Do you want to invite on people over to enjoy you patio and pool with you? Portable wood chippers will keep the limbs out of your yard because you will not want to try and relax while looking at a messy yard.

I recently had a discussion with a landscaping business owner who had previously managed to pull together a single page website. When he put the site up, he simply didn’t have much time to work on it, so there it stood as a single page for the entire year. Now he was looking to improve upon it and was looking for suggestions.

Usually during rainfall, there is one corner of the house that rain tends to pour off of more than others. To get the most rain put your barrel under this area. If you want to take a more complicated approach to placing the barrels, you could consider changing your gutter-system a bit. If this is applicable for your situation, you can remove each individual segment and place it at a slight slant so that all the water is diverted to the nearest corner of the house, then place a rain barrel at each corner. So essentially your entire house acts like a rain catcher which maximizes the amount of water your rain barrels can offer for your watering needs. Recycled rain water is one of the best ways to save your gardening dollar.

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