Aquarium Heaters – Turn Up The Heat!

Natural Gas Space Heaters are a great way to heat any given space in your home. Depending on the type of heater as well they can be very efficient and clean for the environment. They are much cheaper to run than electric space heaters and in some cases will provide more heat. There are different type of gas heaters that are better used in different situations so here is a few types and the mains uses.

A tankless heater will also save you money with utility bills. Because the old style had a tank full of water, every time the water in the tank drops below a certain temperature, the heating element turns on, ptc heating elements the water back up, even if you aren’t using it. With an inline heater, it only comes on when in use, and when you aren’t using the hot water, the unit shuts off until needed again.

OFlush the tank – this is not a big task and in fact does not involve removing all the water. It can be done by releasing some of the water via the drain valve near the bottom of the tank. The valve itself may vary depending on the type of tank. Sometimes it is necessary to drain all the water, but a partial flash done occasionally can help to prevent your heater from breaking down.

Of course, if you are of the opinion that the electrical connections should be visible, you can always pull the wiring out in such a manner that the plug is out in the open.

Ceramic heaters heat a ceramic element inside. Sometimes ceramic heaters use fans to push the air out and heat the room quicker. They are lighter than most types of electric heaters, which makes them very portable.

Leaving your water tank set too hot wastes energy (and money) every minute of every day, along with the risk of someone getting burned. Since a water heater is just about the most energy inefficient appliance in any modern home, and right near the top of the list for overall energy consumption, correcting the temperature can give you the biggest bang for your buck for saving money and energy.

Oil filled heaters are very economical. There is a special thermal oil sealed inside. It is not used up so it never needs to be replaced or refilled. The heating element heats the oil which runs through the radiator coils and heats the air. Oil filled radiators take some time to heat up a room but once the oil gets heated, the heating element can be turned off and the appliance will still radiate heat for a long time.

There are two types of heating elements; a high-watt and a low-watt heating element. Which one you have inside the tank can cause sediment to produce faster or slower. The low-watt heating element is far superior. It has twice as much surface area and is not nearly as hot as a high-watt element. The lower heat still heats the water just as fast but produces far less sediment. If you ever replace a bad element, install a low-watt element in its place.

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