Alzheimers Is A Disease That Never Seems To Stop

If you are looking for nutritional curcumin, you have probably read or heard about the health benefits of this antioxidant that occurs in turmeric. Unlike other nutrients, it is not “essential” to the human body. People that do not eat turmeric will not develop an acute deficiency disease. It is just one of many antioxidants that are beneficial to human health.

Spinach! Green leaf’s such as spinach, are high in much of the same vitamins and minerals as the others have been found to be in. You’ll find vitamins ‘A’ and ‘C’ and are prominent as well as iron.

While retirement may initially be attractive, the novelty soon wears off. Leisure soon turns into boredom. And that is the start of a slide that can have devastating consequences.

Last year due to the alarming number of children hospitalized after having convulsions, vomiting and dangerously high fevers triggered by flu shots, Australia’s chief health officer banned flu shots for all children in that country. It is the added chemicals, not the virus itself that causes the adverse symptoms. Those chemicals (which are added as preservatives) cause severe problems for elderly patients also, and contribute to neurological diseases including Dementia Village.

Forgetting things as we age is normal, and not remembering something from the distant past is not normally anything to get too concerned about. But if your loved one is forgetting stuff like where they put their wallet or when to take medication, then it may be more serious. If you see any memory loss that has the potential to disrupt their daily lives, it’s time to think about getting them help.

Once in a while you can add something different into the routine, like visitors or other activities. Take it slow, you don’t want to cause a sensory overload. Planning time outdoors can be a great idea, like taking a walk to the park. Doing things that involve the senses is all stimulating as well, like singing songs or dancing.

Always try to remain focused when are caring for someone up in years. This can be a hard job and more so when there is severe medical problems complicating things. At the end of each day, you might be both physically and mentally exhausted. Just remember that person needing elderly care appreciates what you are doing, even if they cannot tell you.

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