A Treasure Chest Of Love

Today, July 31, 2009 I came across an article at the Catholic News Agency’s website. It was about the same little girl referenced in the above Seattle Times article.

You have to respect her happy holi quotes that she needs to have some time alone so that she does not feel as though you are trying to force her into a decision. Making a woman feel like you are forcing her to make a decision is a horrible thing to do, because it will end up making her feel like she needs to break free from you once and for all. Keep yourself busy, so you don’t get tempted to start hounding her with attention.

Now it’s time to push her into making a decision about your relationship. You see, there’s another angle that we have not yet discussed when winning back your ex girlfriend . This has something to do with your desirability, and what she really wants in a partner.

The other important factor is that your quote must be real; it must reflect real life aspects. If it doesn’t, it won’t do anyone much good and it won’t resonate deeply with others. Whether you have had personal experiences and have been a witness to something, your quotes must represent real life in some way.

My son would have suffered in two ways. He suffered in the way his mother hurt me and he suffered when I got angry at his mother and he was a helpless eight year old that was stuck in the middle. Though he would have missed me it would have been easier on him I am sure over the years than it has been on me.

That’s right…it’s list making time! I encourage you to create a sacred space for yourself when doing this exercise. Make sure you have the spaciousness of time, light a scented candle, sip on a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, play some relaxing music…what ever gets you in the mood to dream, and dream BIG!

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