A Camping Stool Is Useful For Bird Watching

Singing girl scout songs is not something I have done a lot of, being a guy! I imagine the girls must be more refined, dainty and classy. I’m sure they must sing the kind of songs you would sing at a church camp. The songs they sing must be quite different from the songs that I have heard around Boy Scout campfires. Is that true?

Even when established and burning, a flame can still be vulnerable. It needs constant fuel, more wood or more coals, to keep going. A viral campaign that doesn’t introduce new content will taper into decline once the existing content wears out its novelty. Without new additions, the audience and the flames decrease.

But wait until dark. All of Satan’s henchmen come out to feast, and no amount of insect spray, mozzie coils, or citronella candles will keep them away. Build a campfire. That’s what we”ll do. I know all about info – tinder, kindling, fuel, etc, etc. But you can guarantee that when you build a campfire in the right spot and orientation to your campsite, the wind will change direction, and that plentiful supply of fuel you sweated over collecting will go up in a blazing puff of smoke in the exact amount of time it takes you to grab a toasting fork, and a handful of marshmallows, and settle back into your chair. Of course, all of your neighbouring campers have a campfire still blazing and roasting – and reflecting those fire-lit smug looks on their faces staring pitifully in your direction.

If you walk to the left of our spot is a hike we go on and is beautiful with the native tree of ohia, and yellow ginger all around. Honeysuckle plants turn the air sweet and abuzz with the sound of the bees. The Boys caught some crawfish in the stream and I just had to boil them up and try them out. Like a small shrimp with lots of butter, add some mashed potatoes and your set.

Maybe this is all a little too much for you, and you’d like something a little more basic. Well, how more basic can you get than industrials? Iron, steel, glass, stone, gold, diamond. Those things are easy to find and easy to base a theme around. It gives a strong look, and can be fun to plan with. There’s brushed metal, stained glass, candles, wood, brass, and tons of other things in this category. Go wild!

Our spot sits below the parking area surrounded by great trees, overlooking our own private stream filled with crawfish and maybe a trout or two. A week of no cars, people, cell phones, or noise was bliss. A short hike to the right, crawling over large rocks in the stream comes to a secret abandoned plantation water place, a private waterfall for jumping off of.

Drive: As far as maneuvering goes, a car is easy to park and drive. If you’ve never driven anything larger than a minivan, chances are you won’t be prepared for an RV. An RV back up camera will help you with a 20 foot long vehicle. Don’t take the risk of damaging yours or someone else’s transport; invest in a RV back up camera. An RV isn’t as nimble as a minivan, it takes longer to slow, and can’t make sharp turns. When driving, it’s important to remember this in order to think ahead.

Campfires are a major part of a camping trip, without which camping is incomplete. It creates a wonderful ambience to socialising. The use of gas burner ring does not eliminate campfires from the scene, but it only makes them more enjoyable. You don’t have to work too hard to keep it the right temperature and wait while the food cooks at it’s own pace. Make your meal on the burners and share it at the campfire.

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