101 Stress Management Tips – Part 5

In this little article I will share with you 4 easy ways to meditate in order to improve your daily life. But before I do that, I will explain what, in my opinion, meditation is.

Then in 1989 after leaving a Sunday Service and walking slowly around the grounds (Self Realization Fellowship in Pacific Palisades, California) after learning a few special meditation breaths which I did for the next 6 straight hours as I drove North alone to Coast Highway 1 in Big Sur. I got to Big Sur and Esalen and experienced lower Samadhi. I entered the grounds in a heightened state of awareness. Peace and bliss most profound was amplified by being and intending to be constantly more aware. It was an act of will. I did not have to answer phones or drive a car or order merchandise or deal with customers (my store was at its financial peak — and I left an employee in charge).

Watch your words! It’s surprising buddhism baltimore how many negative statements we can make in a day. And the things we say can soon become reality for us if we repeat them often enough. One exercise I find helpful is to watch what you say on the phone. Sometimes, when there’s someone at the other end moaning about something, we often just tend to agree without even realising that we’re doing it. Or maybe you have a friend who’s a bit of a moaner and you just say ‘Yes, yes’ to save yourself the bother of thinking up a reply. If you catch yourself doing this, try and see if there’s another way to put things in a more positive light.

In meditation, as awareness grows, mental balance is restored. Progressively, stress gives way to “a world of peace and ease.” But how can you be sure it will work for you? The answer here may surprise you.

One thing that you can do is use the center of your own self, your ego, as the point of focus. In different sessions you can identify with different facets of your personality and then work towards transcending it. Say, there are times when you feel victimized for example, concentrate on it and try to identify why you feel this way. Then gradually work towards overcoming it. Deal with your feelings and parts of your personality. Sometimes, when things are not going so well, concentrating on a happy side of you can really change your mood and lift up your spirits. It can help you forget all that has gone wrong in the day, even if it is only momentarily. Once you are recharged, you can think more clearly and deal with problems more effectively.

Select a quiet, comfortable place. The spot should not be too cold or too hot, nor too dark or bright. Place a cushion on the carpet or a blanket. You can keep it on the floor or on a thin pad.

Meditation has helped lots of people in different ways. It can help you to calm down and relieve you of stress. It can also make you more aware of all the things around you and keep you alert. Some people have said that their reactions have got sharper when they have been meditating. Whatever the reason for meditation it certainly does work and it is worth giving it a try.

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